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"I like to describe pain as space that is occupied by a lesion. A lesion is defined as a region within an organ or tissue which has suffered damage through trauma, injury or disease.

Lesions can present in one or more of our body systems such as a subluxation within the skeletal system, tendinopathy within the muscular system and negative thoughts within our mind (nervous system). We at Optimum Muscle Care feel that taking a holistic and global approach to see what systems are being challenged at that time is a good approach, helping educate you on where the pain could be stemming from and how to best resolve it."

Greg Funnell | Director & Founder

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What They Are Saying

"If you’re looking for a sports therapist who’s going to fix you up quick and send you home with a list of exercises, then Greg isn’t what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a therapist that is not only working at the top of his game in a physical sense but in a mind, body and spirit sense, then Greg certainly is what you’re looking for. Greg has helped me to understand why it is my body reacts, feels and performs the way it does. He has helped me to deal with adversity and understand how it is I can allow my body and mind the time, opportunity and freedom it needs to live a balanced lifestyle whilst also maintaining great aspirations."

Jamie Bedwell

"Whenever I’ve needed treatment Greg has fitted me in, regardless of how busy he is – he genuinely cares & his expert knowledge has made all the difference to my treatment. The fact that Greg is an athlete & still competes himself means he fully understands the pressures & issues concerning my body. I have huge respect for him as a key part of my team, a friend and trust him hugely! Many thanks Greg and Optimum Muscle care for your constant support and time!"

Seb Rodger
British Champion & World Championship Athlete

"I was recommended to Greg and Optimum Muscle Care by a fellow athlete after struggling with an ongoing injury that I couldn’t resolve. Right from the first treatment I was amazed by the way Greg worked and diagnosed the problem with a thorough and knowledgeable approach. Greg is extremely passionate about his work and sport and his expertise is second to none."

Yvette Grice
Professional Iron-man Athlete / Triathlete
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