A word from our clients...

If you’re looking for a sports therapist who’s going to fix you up quick and send you home with a list of exercises, then Greg isn’t what you’re looking for. If you are looking for a therapist that is not only working at the top of his game in a physical sense but in a mind, body and spirit sense, then Greg certainly is what you’re looking for. Greg has helped me to understand why it is my body reacts, feels and performs the way it does. He has helped me to deal with adversity and understand how it is I can allow my body and mind the time, opportunity and freedom it needs to live a balanced lifestyle whilst also maintaining great aspirations.
Jamie Bedwell
Greg has now completed a course of joint and spinal mobilisation. During which he has displayed exceptional skills in both theory and practical application, which will only enhance his treatment and management of his extensive patient base.

David Lintonbon
I was recommended to Greg and Optimum Muscle Care by a fellow athlete after struggling with an ongoing injury that I couldn’t resolve. Right from the first treatment I was amazed by the way Greg worked and diagnosed the problem with a thorough and knowledgeable approach. Greg is extremely passionate about his work and sport and his expertise is second to none.

I cannot thank Greg and the team enough for putting me back on track. I approached Greg unable to run and with continual pain whilst training and with his continual rehabilitation I have emerged a stronger and happier athlete. Greg is a genuinely lovely guy who was made to heal athletes and he makes you feel comfortable and extremely well looked after.

I am immensely grateful that I have him in my team to help me achieve my goals moving forward and highly recommend Optimum Muscle Care.
Yvette Grice
Professional Iron-man Athlete / Triathlete
This has been a truly fantastic year! After winning the under 23 British trials in a new personal best of 49.87, then going to Finland for the European under 23 championships and running a huge personal best of 49.19 which secured me a silver medal and the World A standard for Moscow! Moscow was an amazing experience, I ended up qualifying for the semi final and came 6th in the semi with 49.32! This for a first global championship was a huge achievement!

As I said it has been a great year for me, but also a great year for my team around me! One of the biggest advantages I feel I have over other competitors is keeping injury free (touch wood)! Greg at Optimum Muscle Care has been a huge huge part in this, there have been a few occasions this year when my body has suffered, but with Greg’s amazing ability to find the problem and get me sorted is truly incredible! I can't say enough how much I appreciate his support in helping me to achieve the best I can!

Whenever I’ve needed treatment Greg has fitted me in, regardless of how busy he is – he genuinely cares & his expert knowledge has made all the difference to my treatment. The fact that Greg is an athlete & still competes himself means he fully understands the pressures & issues concerning my body. I have huge respect for him as a key part of my team, a friend and trust him hugely! Many thanks Greg and Optimum Muscle care for your constant support and time!
Seb Rodger
British Champion & World Championship Athlete
I had the pleasure of teaching Sports Remedial Massage to Greg several years ago and I distinctly remember commenting to the course director that I thought Greg was going to do great things with his natural talent for body work. Having stayed in touch with Greg over the following years I'm pleased to say he's proved me right. He's both talented and passionate which is a powerful combination, but he also practices what he preaches, which makes him a great example to his clients. I'd recommend him any day...
Chris Newton
C.H.E.K Practitioner - Proprietor of Muscle Therapies, East Grinstead and Senior Tutor at NLSSM School of Sports Massage
Greg is a healer in the truest sense, in that his treatments encourage the body to find its own healing pathway. His treatments are thorough and varied and he responds with great sensitivity to his clients. I have experienced Greg's treatments for over a year and I believe that he has pure magic in his hands. I first went to him with a serious knee injury and his initial diagnosis and care and reassurance was exactly what I needed to help me on the road to full strength. He demonstrates a great depth of knowledge and you will know within an instant of meeting him that you are in safe hands...
Julia Armstrong
Psychology Coach, Mentor, Healer, Writer, Broadcaster